About me

image-png-10My name is Lara, a Human Nutritional Science student by day and a Beauty Advisor by night. I’m an avid foodie at heart and love to indulge on exploring new places to eat and talk about topics that interest me. 

I’m a 3rd year student in Human Nutritional Sciences and is  currently working towards becoming a Registered Dietician in the near future. Being an avid and outgoing person, I have volunteered in hospitals surrounded by various age groups all with nutrition being a major aspect. Essentially this is where I had gained the interest of wanting to work in nutritional sciences; simply by witnessing the results occurring with those I was helping. Networking, providing factual information, and building strong relationships with people has always been the key components of my way of providing the utmost help towards others. Without doubt I believe that nutrition is more than just solving the internal extremities, it is also there to balance out your lifestyle choices as a whole. My plans for the future include focusing on my career path, and by continuing to pursue volunteer work with interest to nutrition.  Join me in my blog posts as I converse on beauty and indulge in my inner foodie, hopefully you’ll find something that catches your eye as well!


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